The female equivalent is cabrna, or bitch, not chiva. WTF What the f.

Next up is savage (noun).


. Jan 12, 2021 5. The positive meaning of "bad ass" or "badass" is derived from the somewhat dated slang usage of the word "bad", meaning "cool".


badass definition 1. Lists. Aug 16, 2018 The origin of the strains name is debated, but according to Amsterdam-based cannabis-seed seller DNA Genetics, whos responsible for marketing OG Kush seeds, the strain originally went by a different name, but was renamed OG Kush by the popular 1990s LA rap group Cypress Hill.

. Dope is also used in place of addictive or dangerous drugs.



. Derived from the same root as solder, the word sowther is used to mean to unite or to fuse.

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When you use the word awesome, youre.
Cypress Hill, apparently, was using OG in its sense of.



NTH Nice to have. . 10) Glamping Not all the best words are old and stuffyheres a modern invention.

As a noun savage is someone or something that is really great or really cool In this sense, it is most commonly used in reference to someones ability or skill. . . 7. 2) slang for "backside," first attested 1860 in nautical slang, in popular use from 1930; chiefly U.


Usually, slang terms from very specific cohorts like gamers dont make the Top-10 list. cool guy Walks up the the bar and says, "Who's this faggot" badass Headbutts the cool guy in.

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That is the case with Poggers,.

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someone or something that you admire or find.